Our star employees. Jess on the left holding a piece of paper with 'People' on it; Joe on the right holding a piece of paper with 'Opportunity' on it.
People and Opportunity

This week, I held two separate conversations with Jess and Joe, our latest star employees, about what makes IE special to them.

Amazingly, they both shared exactly the same two reasons…

1: The Lovely People

A company with no hierarchy, just humble, hardworking team leaders.The genuine care for one another. Where values mean everything.

2: The Opportunity to Flourish

The freedom to target an area of interest outside of your main job scope to expand your skillset. To learn and let your inner light shine.

As part of our ‘people first’ culture, we strive to recognise our team members for their hard work and their demonstrations of our company values – Passion, Team and Courage.

This year, we are running two monthly employee recognition schemes.

Jess  – Won our Employee of the Month Award (voted for by all the IE Team).

Joe –  Won our Leadership Team Recognition Award

Here’s how they made a difference…

“For the Passion and knowledge she displayed during the demo” (Jess)

“For the Courage displayed in taking on his first client project update” (Joe)

“He is a joy to work with in our Team culture meetings” (Joe)

“For her Teamwork in going above and beyond the brief and delivering extra value (again!)” (Jess)

About Jess

Jess joined us nearly two years ago and as our Office Manager wows us every day with her multi-tasking, whilst currently juggling the demands of home schooling her two young children.

About Joe

Joe joined IE three years ago and whilst being a whizz in the Ignite ‘dev den’, he also has his hands full with his new puppy Casey. Check out Joe’s recent blog on ‘How can Technology Optimise your Drug Launch‘.

If you’re motivated to find out more about IE, we would love to hear from you: Launch@innovative-edge.com