health technology

As the Winter nights draw in, it is all the more tempting to stay in, cuddle up on the sofa with a blanket and a big mug of hot chocolate. However, one of the best ways to keep your energy up during the dark months is to get exercising!

At the IE office, it appears we have entered into an unspoken competition of who is the most active. With several of the team being gadget geeks and wearable health technology being more widely available, we are seeing an increase of self-monitoring health and wellbeing.

health technology


With the sharing feature on wearable health gadgets, our team can see when someone is building up the steps/calories burned, then the competition really starts and the urge to keep up kicks in! It seems the most popular activities of our team include walking, running, football, dog walking and swimming and we’ve seen some great goal achievements and close run competitions.

It’s not just our office where this activity competition is growing. Technology companies are now partnering up with health insurers to promote healthy living by offering wearable health technology discounts for those who keep healthy. By hitting certain activity targets across a month, you can bring down your monthly repayments.

With this development in the trend of discount for activity, there are numerous debates being had from whether self-monitoring is accurate for analysing an individual’s health, to whether this information should be shared with insurers and how they use it.

As this trend continues into the health industry, think about your own experiences and if incentives or competition works to get you active? Do you find similar competitions going on in your work teams? Get in touch and share your experiences with us!