During the Christmas break both my washing machine and tumble dryer decided to break down. Both on separate days, causing their own back-up of laundry especially as we have a 9-month old baby in the household. Neither appliance had a particularly hard life although the dryer had been known to suffer from the occasional episode of domestic abuse in the past when it failed to do its simple task of, yes – drying things. We ordered both replacements from an online service which caught my eye. How does this company stand out in a crowded market such as white goods? Add in the complexities of online shopping and you start to operate in an even more crowded environment.

On the two distinct transactions with the online service we were taken aback by their points of differentiation. Me in particular as things like this are part of my remit at work and my wife in particular as she runs her own catering business again in a crowded market (street food). It struck me that differentiation is the absolute key to being memorable, building loyalty, keeping customers, and providing a great user experience.

I’ll give you some examples. The customer reviews were very prominent, right in your face. They must be proud of these I thought. The shopping experience was easy and came across as secure. The extra options offered such as to disconnect the old appliance and take it away are handy if you’re out at work and your wife isn’t adept with a pair of molegrips. They offer to unpack the new appliance and remove the packaging – helpful in managing your domestic waste and this also ensures that you can plumb the new toy straight in and start enjoying it right away! Receiving a call when they’re half an hour away, you can make sure any preparations are done and if, like me, you had a leaky tap you can get that ready to connect and avoid flooding the kitchen “just in time”. All the little things add up to a great customer service.

How does this relate to what we do at IE you might ask?

Well, in a reasonably crowded market (we operate in the launch readiness space offering consulting and technology solutions), we like to differentiate ourselves for the same reason – to provide a great customer experience while creating value to your launch framework through our consulting and software services. We will call you rather than email or Skype, to keep things very personal and real not to mention relevant and accurate. We’ll provide extra services such as Webex tutorials on our technology platform rather than leaving you to get on with it leaning on nothing other than a standard user manual. We’ll configure the technology platforms to meet your process needs, as opposed to a ”one size fits all” approach which can be taken by some of the larger players in our market. IE will constantly monitor client experiences, take feedback, share new concepts, and talk to as many end-users as we can to make sure our offerings stay relevant and well-tuned to the market needs. IE like to share feedback between clients, and help you see outside your organisational boundaries.

In a crowded market, with lots of direct and indirect competition, the way you differentiate yourselves is everything. We firmly believe in this model here at IE and would love to hear opinions on the subject. Get in touch with our expert team to receive a personal service which suits you and your launch.


Commercial Director