We previously shared our Digital Director, George’s frustrating user experience of attempting to free a pair of scissors from its plastic packaging. This week, we would like to share a more positive story of the thought that goes into design and how this impacts the user experience;   IE’s pharma digital launch platform, Ignite.

When working with companies on implementing tools to manage their launch process, from global to local level, IE have seen varying degrees of engagement with the company approved launch process. One decisive factor in engagement, comes from the intention behind the implementation of the tool. Whether this is designed purely to track and report on the success of the launch, or whether this also aims to support the individual user throughout the launch process will affect the outcome.

One example of an issue that may be present in a local launch team is lack of clarity. This can occur when a process or platform contains absolutely all of the details that are needed for everyone involved in the entire launch cycle, leading to overwhelming local launch teams with non-essential information. This is one reason that when IE work with our clients utilising our pharma digital launch platform, Ignite, we actively support collaboration at all team levels to configure an aligned and actionable plan, which is both realistic in terms of country users and tailored to best practice of the organisation. This leads to avoiding ‘analysis paralysis’ and speeds up actionable decision making.

In a recent project with a client, our team carried out feedback sessions with local users across several launching countries, to better understand their needs and how they interact with their launch roadmap through Ignite. Through talking to several launch teams, similar themes began to arise which gave regional and global team members a better understanding of how the roadmap can be best aligned to everyone’s needs.

Once an aligned roadmap is available for launch teams, IE deploy our pharma digital launch platform, Ignite, to allow real-time interaction with the plan. Separating the full list of activities needed to successfully launch a product into distinct actionable activities which can be seen, in one view, as an interactive Gantt chart gives country users a sense of visual clarity in order to maintain momentum pre and post launch.

Through our years of working with companies on clarifying their launch process and in seeking feedback from country users, IE have further enhanced valued features for V7 of our pharma digital launch platform Ignite, coming in Summer 2016, advancing our determination to support teams to launch simply and effectively.


In a country plan, launch team members can be allocated specific launch activities. With our auto-suppression rule team members are then able to see only the activities and information which is relevant to their launch responsibilities, while our resources area allows for documents to be shared for best practice transparency. Simple RAG colour coding rules allows any issues with activity deadlines to be easily identified and monitored.

As each country may require agile tailoring from the Global Plan, Ignite’s feature of a launch wizard gives a step by step guide leading the user through setting up the plan from scratch or from an existing framework. This encourages alignment as teams work on the globally approved roadmap but also is realistic enough to allow for local tailoring to their specific needs before distributing to the team to carry out.

As a pharma digital launch platform needs to be valuable for local, regional and global users, George and our team at IE are always thinking about the needs of the users for the basis of any feature design.

Next time we will be looking at the needs of regional users to ensure their teams are engaged.

What are your most wanted features in a launch platform? Let us know your views or contact us to see a demo of Ignite V7 which is available this Summer 2016 and experience our intuitive platform designed for your launch needs.