At IE we like to think of ourselves as a multi-cultural organisation. So when our team interviewed Krys in Paris for the role of Business Development Manager and learnt that he was an Aussie with a Polish heritage, they thought he would fit in perfectly!

Having only spent a few weeks in the UK previously as a tourist, Krys and his wife made the brave decision to pack up their lives in Australia and settle down in the much colder and more windswept lands of the UK.

Krys’ background involves establishing and heading up the Business Development for the state of New South Wales for the medical device company MidMed. He is excited about spreading the word of what IE can offer our clients and is already getting stuck in with the team.

Over the past few weeks in getting to know Krys, we have learnt that he has a keen interest in history so he is looking forward to exploring the castles across England.

Although most culture between the UK and Australia is fairly similar, there have been a few hilarious moments where Krys has found out the slight language differences the hard way. I will let him explain in his own words below:

“Why can’t I wear pants and thongs?!”

This was the first question I asked when my colleagues were staring at me blankly after I assumed that during the UK summer I could wear clothes more suited to the heat. I just didn’t realise how cool my colleagues thought I would be!

Turns out that the English that I grew up with isn’t very English at all. Growing up in Australia has now made me realise that I still need to educate myself on words that I have never used before. So pants are undies and thongs are underwear – right, my colleagues now think I’m just weird. Great impression to the company I just started in! Thankfully everyone is down to earth (I hope that doesn’t mean the opposite of what I think it does) and we do enjoy a good laugh.

As the saying goes about when you assume, I too have to drop previous assumptions and be open to different thinking and alternate language. Surprisingly this is also the task at hand in my new role when meeting or speaking to new clients. What may have worked in one place at one time may not always be ideal in future situations. However, when we are open to new information or different ways of thinking, then through discussion and collaboration new ideas can be explored openly.

So since I am appropriately dressed (for now) and I am seeking to discuss new ideas, take a moment and consider, is there room for improvement? Is there anything you do based on assumptions? And are you willing to discuss new ideas? If you are, I am waiting for my phone to ring.


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