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We take great pride in our team's fresh thinking.

When Steve Marsh founded IE in 2004, he had a vision to create a better approach to pharma launch excellence.

Since then, we have helped hundreds of pharmaceutical companies and biotechs launch thousands of brands, across multiple countries.

Today, our passion is to inspire excellence by simplifying launch.

Our company values of Team, Courage and Passion underpin everything that we do.

The great thing about having IE as a partner, is that we talk as a group, nail down what is key... this helps us make smart decisions!

Senior Marketing Director

Meet the IE team

Your pharma launch excellence partners

Team | Passion | Courage
Steve Marsh at IE

Steve Marsh

Specialty Client engagement

Expert in Creating ideas and solutions

Experience 25+ years launching brands

Fun Fact Currently building a music studio.

Vanessa Larney at IE
Ignite™ Service Manager

Vanessa Larney

Specialty IT service management

Expert in Ignite™ support and training content

Experience 6 years with IE and Ignite™

Fun Fact I am a stitcher who can’t resist a Xmas theme!

Jess Knott at IE
Office Manager

Jess Knott

Specialty Office organiser

Expert in Internal operations and culture

Experience 18 months at IE

Fun Fact Once used 26 different modes of transport on one trip, including skydiving!

Helen Marsh at IE
Head of Operations

Helen Marsh

Specialty Operations

Expert in Ignite™, motivation and numbers

Experience 14+ years at IE

Fun Fact Played in goal for Maidstone United Women’s team.

Steve Rofe at IE

Steve Rofe

Specialty Software development

Expert in Full stack development

Experience 13+ years as a software developer

Fun Fact I once had a workplace induction that included the line “…if you are in camp and hear explosions or gunfire, hide under your mattress and don’t come out…”

Shivan Malde at IE
Dev Ops

Shivan Malde

Specialty Site reliability engineer

Expert in Infrastructure and operations

Experience 3+ years of DevOps

Fun Fact In my spare time I like to tinker with PCs.

David Bevan at IE
Managing Director

David Bevan

Specialty Leadership

Expert in People potential, launch excellence, complex problem solving

Experience 32 years in pharma, with global, regional and country expertise in senior roles

Fun Fact I run a micro chilli business – Naughty Ann Chilli Oils and Sauces.

Joe Roberts at IE

Joe Roberts

Specialty Software development

Expert in Software architecture and coding practices

Experience BSc Hons Computer Science

Fun Fact I recently built 3 solid wood, end-grain chessboards with 96 pieces turned by hand at home.

Jamie Lintell at IE
Ignite™ Service Desk Analyst

Jamie Lintell

Specialty Ignite™ client support

Expert in Customer interaction, problem solving and plan inputting

Experience 3+ years at IE

Fun Fact I am a PC hardware and Smartphone expert.

Tracey Barnes at IE
Head of Service

Tracey Barnes

Specialty Launch excellence and effectiveness

Expert in Cross-functional team collaboration, KPIs, strategy and launch planning

Experience 20+ years of experience working in the pharma industry

Fun Fact Currently storing 300 pieces of wall art – venue ideas most welcome :)

Nigel Ching at IE

Nigel Ching

Specialty Software engineering

Expert in Full stack web development

Experience 20+ years in development

Fun Fact I have recently taken up drawing and find it a great way to relax.

Lottie Berry at IE

Lottie Berry

Specialty Content creation

Expert in Blogs, branding and brainstorming

Experience 20+ years in client-centric roles

Fun Fact I got married in Las Vegas!

Carolyn Newham at IE
Quality Assurance

Carolyn Newham

Specialty Ignite™ quality management

Expert in Test management and automation

Experience 30+ years in IT

Fun Fact I recently learnt to weave on a loom. Once danced with a dolphin.

Rory Hayden at IE
Quality Assurance

Rory Hayden

Specialty Software testing and QA

Expert in Performance, automated and manual testing

Experience First Class Honours Degree in Computing

Fun Fact I built a bespoke speaker cabinet that was published in the ‘Guitarist’ magazine.

Dave Mills at IE
Head of Technology

Dave Mills

Specialty Technology

Expert in Tech strategy and direction

Experience 35 years of cross-sector technology experience with an MSc in IT

Fun Fact I have lived twice, proving YOLO isn’t entirely true.

Kate Stanbury at IE

Kate Stanbury

Specialty Financial planning and control

Expert in Analysis, budgeting and Excel

Experience 20 years in finance, CIMA qualified

Fun Fact I have been to 15 Tour de France stages combining my love of France and cycling!

Heino Hunter at IE

Heino Hunter

Specialty Full stack software development

Expert in Programming, innovation, troubleshooting

Experience 7+ years of web and software development

Fun Fact Completed 4 years of Medical School

Mownika Koneru at IE

Mownika Koneru

Specialty Entity Framework and C#

Expert in Ignite™ and problem solving

Experience 3+ years at IE

Fun Fact I was the best Badminton player in school.

Karin Maatman at IE

Karin Maatman

Specialty Data science

Expert in Data analysis and visualisation

Experience 10+ years Statistician

Fun Fact The only Dutch person who doesn’t like liquorice.

Mat Clarkson at IE

Mat Clarkson

Specialty Software development

Expert in .Net and Azure Data Factory pipelines

Experience 20 years in software development

Fun Fact I used to coach basketball in schools.

Kelvin Thomas at IE
Systems Engineer

Kelvin Thomas

Specialty Systems engineering

Expert in Corporate IT support and infrastructure

Experience 10+ years in IT

Fun Fact I have 80+ smart connected devices, and yes!... I can ask Alexa to pop the kettle on from anywhere in the world.

Sebastian Urban at IE

Sebastian Urban

Specialty Software development

Expert in .NET development

Experience 3+ years as a developer

Fun Fact Set a personal best solving a Rubik’s Cube in 1 minute and 26 seconds.

Liam Moody at IE

Liam Moody

Specialty Digital user experience

Expert in Developing user interfaces

Experience 16 years and counting

Fun Fact I'm an Emergency Response Volunteer (aka Blood Biker) for SERV Kent.

Kirsty Tait at IE
Strategic Partner

Kirsty Tait

Specialty Launch excellence consultancy

Expert in Frameworks, ways of working and plan validation

Experience 20+ years pharma (Commercial Lead)

Fun Fact Love taking my kayak out on the coast on a sunny day.

Andrew Wilmot at IE

Andrew Wilmot

Specialty Launch excellence

Expert in Workshop facilitation and project planning

Experience 25+ years in pharma

Fun Fact I make custom bushcraft and survival knives.

Kelly Sarrisavva at IE

Kelly Sarrisavva

Specialty Pharma launch excellence

Expert in Cross-functional launch planning

Experience 17+ years in pharma

Fun Fact At school, I ran my own column in a local artistic newspaper!

Catherine Downie at IE

Catherine Downie

Specialty Launch excellence project management

Expert in Collaboration and cross-functional team ways of working

Experience 22 years experience

Fun Fact I've hitchhiked around Australia and New Zealand.

Scott Sullivan at IE

Scott Sullivan

Specialty Launch excellence project management

Expert in Developing project plans

Experience 12+ years in pharma

Fun Fact At weekends, I love to zip around the water as a wakeboard instructor.

Avi Leaf at IE

Avi Leaf

Specialty Launch excellence consultancy

Expert in Strategy and launch planning

Experience 20+ years in pharma

Fun Fact Karaoke King (grab the mic if you dare!)

Andrew Mooney at IE

Andrew Mooney

Specialty Pharma launch excellence

Expert in Problem solving, facilitating, communication

Experience 20+ years brand leadership

Fun Fact British, but still European. I recently became a Swedish citizen and am based in Malmö, Sweden.

Mayra Davalos at IE

Mayra Davalos

Specialty Global launch excellence

Expert in Launch project management and developing KPIs

Experience 15+ years global and in-country commercial experience

Fun Fact One thing on my bucket list is to visit Whitehaven Beach in Australia.


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